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BOOK BENEFIT PROGRAM. The Book Benefit Program (BBP) accepts books from various donors and provides the books to other 501(c)(3) and publicly funded organizations. 

SENIOR STORYTELLING. CIPA ELF offers senior citizens the opportunity to preserve historical individual life experiences. 


YOUNG AUTHORS LEAGUE. The Young Authors League (YAL) sponsors projects that emphasize literacy skills for elementary and middle school children. 

VISITING AUTHORS PROGRAM. Through ELF, CIPA member authors and publishers volunteer to speak about, read from, and offer their books to schools, libraries, hospitals and senior centers throughout the state.

SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM. CIPA ELF offers scholarships to students and educators to attend various in-state writing and publishing workshops, meetings, and conferences. 

CLASSROOM LITERACY SUPPORT. CIPA ELF can supply volunteers, books, supplies, and funds to assist teachers with their classroom literacy programs.

CIPA EVVY AWARDS. CIPA ELF sponsors the annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards, where well-written, beautifully designed books by authors and publishers from Colorado and elsewhere are honored and celebrated.

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