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Program chair:
Danielle Lammon

The Book Benefit Program (BBP) accepts books from various donors and provides the books to other 501(c)(3) and publicly funded organizations. The organizations are selected based on need and verification that the books will be used to further the educational, literacy, and community awareness purposes of CIPA ELF.

Since 2006, the CIPA Book Benefit Program has distributed more than $300,000 worth of books to libraries, schools, and various organizations all across Colorado.

Past recipients have included schools, libraries, shelters, senior centers, hospitals, prisons, civic groups, book clubs, and other literary organizations. 

CIPA ELF also accepts donations of new books, especially children's and young adult titles, that are well suited for our beneficiaries. If you have books to donate, or to find out how to volunteer to help inventory books and/or deliver them, please contact us at

In 2019, the CIPA ELF Book Benefit Program distributed more than $86,000 worth of books to organizations across Colorado and South Dakota, including the following:

In 2018, the CIPA ELF Book Donations Program distributed more than 2,000 books, valued at nearly $39,000, to the following organizations:

In 2017, the CIPA ELF Book Benefit Program distributed more than 250 books, valued at nearly $4,000, to the following organizations:

  • Holly Creek Retirement Community: 74 books, valued at $1,116.07

  • Bridge School: 50 books, valued at $608.83

  • StreetHope Academy: 30 books, valued at $424.93

  • Brookdale Meridian senior living community: 29 books, valued at $450.69

  • Denver Police Department CopShop: 31 books, valued at $642.09

  • Academy Endeavor Elementary School: 50 books, valued at $692.50

Special thanks go to volunteers Jan Cruz and Allyn Riggs for they time they took out of their days to deliver books for CIPA ELF!

Book Donations Program Chair Dan Pratt, Bailey librarian Michaela Dougherty, Bailey librarian Sue Jaen, and Park County Public Library Manager Pat Shepard with a selection of the CIPA ELF books delivered to the Bailey branch on June 5, 2018. Photograph by Tom Locke.

fisher with CIPA ELF books.jpg

Fisher didn't lift any boxes, stack any of the books, or fill out a single line on the inventory list. But he looked like he really wanted to help, and that counts for a lot.

Lamar PL.jpg

Clockwise from left: Hilah Gillespie, Cheri Aguilera, and Sarah Ausmus of the Lamar Public Library having way more fun than we might have expected with CIPA ELF’s donation of March 29, 2019.


CIPA ELF volunteer Allynn Riggs, left, and Jennifer Marruffo, Head Librarian at the Lake County Public Library in Leadville, Colorado, on a snowy spring day in 2019.

ILD 2019-01-25.jpg

Teresa Allen (top) and Erin Boyington (bottom) of the Colorado Department of Education’s Institutional Library development unit, showing off some of the 800+ books delivered by CIPA ELF in January 2019.

Park County 2019-02-20.jpg

Bailey Library branch manager Michaela Dougherty unpacks one of several boxes donated to Park County Libraries through CIPA ELF. The books are valued at more than $2,000. Substitute librarian Erna Taylor works in the background. (Photo by Tom Locke) 


Left to right: Jackie Kuusinen, Public Services Coordinator, and Lauren Cockerill, Youth Services Librarian, of the Westminster Public Library with some of CIPA ELF’s donated books (January 2019).

Participating in the CIPA ELF book donation to Park County Public Library on April 12, 2018, were (from L-R) Bailey librarians Michaela Dougherty and Ginny Pawlik, CIPA ELF President Mike Daniels, and Park County Public Library manager Pat Shepard. Photo by Alex Telthorst.

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